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As a Club CarlsonSM member you can now redeem your points for free award nights without blackout dates on standard rooms at more than 1,000 hotels worldwide. Plus, we now offer you an enriched array of first-class redemption opportunities. Redeem your points now!

Book with Points

Free Award Nights

  • Award nights starting at 9,000 Gold Points® with no blackout dates on standard rooms.
  • Pay with Points + Cash for an award night starting at 5,000 Gold Points.

    Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards

  • Cash in Gold Points for 20 retail gift cards including Best Buy®, iTunes®, Target®, and more, starting at 6,500 points (US members only)*
  • Cash in Gold Points for Prepaid Cards*


  • Gift your Gold Points to the World Childhood Foundation or to offset your CO2 emissions.


  • Exchange Gold Points for airline miles with more than 20 airlines.

    To learn more about redemption options visit the full site.

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